Reilly Hotel Advisors, LLC

Asset Management
Represent clients in the oversight of their assets and recommend improvements to assist owners in the realization of their investment goals.  Typical engagements have included individual properties and portfolios of full service luxury resorts.

Crisis Management
Providing advice in all areas of crisis management, including temporary closure, negotiation with lenders, franchisers, and managers and preparing short-term and long-term action plans to address the crisis and minimize the long-term impact on the operation.

Mergers and Acquisitions
Assist clients on all aspects of mergers and acquisitions of single assets, multiple asset portfolios, and companies, including post-transaction integration.

Property Turnaround and Repositioning
Plan and execute the repositioning of numerous assets to allow poor performing assets to exceed expectations.

Franchise and Management Agreements
Assist in the negotiation of franchise agreements and management contracts with brands and third parties.

Assist in the identification of debt and assist in negotiating the terms of debt and equity financing.

Capital Expenditure Programs
Oversight of renovation and expansion projects, and regular renovation cycles.  Projects have included the reconfiguration of outlets, public areas, and adding rooms to existing hotels to allow more productive and effective use of the available space.‚Äč